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Arched Nose Surgery - Antalya Aesthetic Clinic Turkey

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How is arched nose aesthetics performed?

Arched nose surgery Antalya Turkey

Arched nose aesthetics in Antalya is performed open or closed under general anesthesia.

In open surgery, the dorsum of the nose is cut and the necessary filing is made. In the closed operation, no incision is made, the rasping process is performed by entering through the nostrils.

Whichever technique is used, the aim is to remove the bridge of the nose. If the arch formation is not too much, filing is sufficient. However, for excess arches, other applications may be preferred besides filing.

The important point here is not the methods by which the belt is corrected, but not to overdo it when buying the belt. If the belt is removed more than necessary, the nose structure will be deformed. After the belt is removed, the bones in the nose wings come closer together as the area becomes flatter.

Arched nose surgery in Turkey in our aestehtic clinic takes about 2 hours. If no complications occur after the surgery, the patient is discharged. Afterwards, it is recommended to rest for 2 weeks. During this period, it is recommended to lie down with your head elevated. In this way, pain, bleeding and swelling can be prevented.

In non-surgical application, filling materials or botox are used. Non-surgical application is suitable for slight protrusions, depressions or curvatures. In such a case, correction can be performed with local anesthesia in about 30 minutes.

What is an arched nose?

We started to attach more importance to our physical appearance due to reasons such as our social environment, the feeling of competition in business life, being liked by others and feeling better. Accordingly, when people look in the mirror, they want to see a more beautiful and attractive face. No one wants to live with an arched nose.

An arched nose is defined by the formation of an arch in the middle part of the nasal cartilage or bone, or in some cases both. It is a disorder that is not visible when looking at people from the front, but is visible when viewed from the profile. It usually occurs congenitally and is associated with genetic factors. It distorts the appearance of the nose and may cause the tip of the nose to appear low.

It is considered both an aesthetic problem and a breathing problem and can be corrected by rhinoplasty. During the rhinoplasty procedure, the hump nose is corrected and the tip of the nose is lifted upwards, making the nose look straighter and symmetrical.

Nose bridge rasping

Nose rasping (arched nose rasping) is the surgical shaving of the hump to eliminate the humped nose appearance that the patient is uncomfortable with. In this operation, the bridge of the nose is abraded in accordance with the facial structure of the individual, and if there are rough, protruding areas on the back of the nose, they are flattened.

After rhinoplasty surgery

Arched nose surgery is performed with general anesthesia. After rhinoplasty, the patient may be kept under observation in the hospital for one night.

After rhinoplasty:

  • Although bleeding, swelling, bruising and some pain are normal, rest for 2 weeks to keep this to a minimum. Avoid doing intense sports, bending over and lifting weights too often.
  • Use a high pillow.
  • Do not use glasses for 6 months.
  • Avoid blowing your nose, especially in the first days. Perform a nasal rinse as directed to moisten and clean your nose.
  • Full recovery after rhinoplasty occurs after 6-12 months. Protect your nose from possible impacts during this period.
  • Avoid direct exposure to sunlight.
  • Be sure to attend the appointments on the dates your doctor Bulent Demir deems appropriate for you.

Benefits of arched nose aesthetics

In nose surgery patients gain many aesthetic and functional benefits.

  • Once the recovery period is completed after arched rhinoplasty, the patient breathes easier.
  • He gets his dream nose appearance.
  • After arched rhinoplasty, patients' self-confidence increases and they begin to live a more social life.
  • After rhinoplasty, the patient sees the proportion of his new nose with his face and feels happier and at peace with his physical appearance.

How many hours does rhinoplasty surgery take?

Rhinoplasty surgery takes approximately 2-3 hours. In this surgery, the arched nose appearance is eliminated, and the tip of the nose can be lifted according to the patient's needs.

Is rhinoplasty surgery difficult?

Arched nose aesthetics is not difficult when performed by experienced plastic surgeons. Rhinoplasty surgery carries the same risks as all surgical procedures. The healing process of arched nose surgery and other nose surgeries is almost the same for the patients.