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Butt Implants Turkey - Buttock Augmentation Antalya: Fat Transfer, Price, Reviews

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Buttok Augmentation in turkey Antalya

Buttock Augmentation With Implant

The hip implant is applied to reshape the sagging and shrinkage in this area. In the hip augmentation procedure, silicone implants are usually placed between the gluteus maximus muscle fibres. For this procedure, an incision of 5-6 cm is made on the hip. The operation performed provides fullness in the upper part of the hip and removes the sagging part, although not completely. The most accurate method to be applied to patients whose adipose tissue is not at the ideal level is the hip implant.

You can choose buttock-augmentation with implants in Antalya to get rid of excess fat in your body and achieve a voluminous and proportionately harmonious hip appearance.

What is the Hip Augmentation?

It is an operation that corrects the asymmetry and crooked appearance of the hip. With this surgical procedure, it is possible to get rid of the excess fat in the person’s body. Various techniques are used in hip aesthetics. One of them is the Brazilian technique. This method is performed under general anaesthesia. It takes about 4-5 hours. Fat is transferred to the hip and the patient is asked to stay in the hospital for one night after the operation.

Excess fat in the body is removed through small incisions of 2 mm and transferred to the marked places on the hips. If there is asymmetry in the hip, more fat is transferred to a region to ensure its equalization.

After the operation, the patient should wear a special corset for 4 weeks. This is necessary to ensure that the hip can maintain its shape. In addition, too much pressure should not be placed on the hip during this period. The oedema occurring as a result of the surgical procedure disappears within 3-6 months and the hip gains its own shape.

Hip Augmentation with Implant

Hip Augmentation with Implant makes the hips look more voluminous, lifted and rounded. This surgical procedure applied for the treatment of flattened and sagging hips gives a lifted look to hips. It clarifies the separation of the waist and hips. It is mainly applied to obtain a voluminous and proportionally harmonious hip appearance.

Silicone implants are very common among hip augmentation procedures. This surgical procedure takes an average of 2 hours. It is performed under general anaesthesia. The implant is compatible with body tissue and is inserted into the muscle. Therefore, it does not create asymmetry in the hip. It can even be said to be risk-free compared to other methods.

If the fat ratio in the patient’s body is insufficient, hip implants are used. The structure of these implants is the same as the implants used in breast augmentation. It can also be applied in combination with liposuction.

Patients can determine the size of their hips themselves. The result is permanent. No matter how many years pass, its effect does not disappear and its appearance remain unchanged, just like on the first day.

Hip augmentation with an implant is a surgical procedure and usually leaves scars that are not obvious. We advise our patients who have buttock implants in Antalya to avoid lying on their backs and sitting on their buttocks for about 1 week after surgery. They will usually need to wait up to 2 weeks before they can return to work. Antibiotics are recommended to reduce the risk of postoperative infection.

Are Butt Implants Safe?

Buttock enhancement are generally a safe aesthetic procedure when performed properly and by expert surgeons. However, safety depends on factors such as choosing the right material, using appropriate surgical techniques, the patient's health history, and the surgeon's experience.

Using FDA approved quality implants, choosing the right size and shape, and patient compliance with the healing process play an important role. The patient should be informed about potential risks and complications and post-surgical care instructions should be followed. However, as with any surgical intervention, a detailed evaluation should be made before making a decision about butt implants, taking into account the individual's specific situation and expectations.