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Cheek Fat Reduction in Turkey - Bichectomy (Cheek Liposuction) Antalya: Price, Before&After, Reviews, Recovery

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Cheek fat reduction in turkey Antalya

Cheek Fat Reduction (Bichectomy)

Cheek Thinning

Cheek thinning surgery is also known as at removal from the cheek or Bichectomy. This operation, which brings a thinner face line, also makes the cheekbones clear. It gives an inverted triangle appearance to the face. It is applied to individuals who have a normal weight, have a round face and are over the age of 18. Not recommended for overweight patients, people over 45 years of age. Patients undergoing cheek thinning surgery receive outpatient treatment. Therefore, they can be discharged on the same day and return to their daily life.

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What are the Steps for a Cheek Thinning Surgery?

The operation is performed under local anaesthesia. Pre-operative oral cleaning is performed and precautions are taken against the risk of possible infection.

A small incision is made in the cheek. In order to give a natural appearance, bichat, i.e. fat tissue bags, are removed with forceps. After the fat bags are removed, sutures are made and the same procedure is applied to the other cheek. The surgery is completed by applying a compressive bandage. The operation takes about 30-45 minutes.

This operation is done from inside the cheek and does not create a scar. When viewed from the outside, there is no scar of surgery. But it takes some time for the swelling to disappear and for the face to return into an ordinary appearance. This surgery only removes the oval of the face, it does not give the person a completely new face.

Things to Consider After a Cheek Thinning Surgery

  • Patients should stop drinking alcohol and stop smoking 1 week before the day of surgery.
  • If patients use blood thinners (aspirin, etc.), they should also stop taking them. But first, patients should notify their doctor about his medications and act in accordance with his/her recommendations.
  • The healing process after cheek thinning surgery varies from patient to patient. However, a remarkable healing is usually achieved in the first 2 weeks.
  • Cold drinks and soft foods should be consumed for the first 3 days after the surgery. Thus, any possible bleeding will be prevented.
  • On the other hand, it is recommended that patients avoid from exposure to sunlight for a while.
  • Inflammation in the lower jaw area of the face may occur. But this disappears completely within a few months.
  • If infection has occurred, oral care products and antibiotic treatments given by the surgeon should be used regularly in accordance with the instructions.
  • Pressure bandage is not removed for 2 hours after the operation. This will prevent bruising. Swelling felt in the face area is normal and temporary.
  • Patients who have cheek thinning surgery should apply cold press to their cheeks for 15 minutes, and repeat this for 3 days at 4 hour intervals.
  • In addition, patients should gargle with salt water every 12 hours during the first week.
  • Heavy physical activity should be avoided in the first 5 days.
  • Those who have this surgery in summer should not neglect to use suntan cream.