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Chin Augmentation (Enhancement) Surgery Turkey - Chin Implants Antalya: Cost, Reviews, Recovery

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chin augmentation in turkey Antalya

Chin Augmentation With Implant

The chin implant provides the development of the chin and supports the weak chin appearance. The implant is placed just on the jawbone. Thus, the chin tip is reshaped and the chin is enlarged. The disproportionateness of the face is balanced. This surgery is also known as Profiloplasty. This surgical procedure can also be applied together with rhinoplasty.

The chin implant gives a more aesthetic appearance by equalizing the proportion between the face, nose and chin. Thanks to the implant placed on the chin, the lower face and chin are enlarged in the foreground and background. However, the implant may not be sufficient for enlargements in right-left and up-down plans. In this case, it is necessary to perform different surgical interventions on the jawbone.

You can contact us to achieve a more aesthetic and natural appearance with chin augmentation with implants (Profiloplasty) in Antalya.

Who is the right candidate for Chin Implant?

This surgical procedure is recommended for patients with a protruding chin and a weak jawline. The purpose of the chin implant is to strengthen the weak jaw structure. The implant, which is placed on the jawbone, allows the jaw to grow. It makes the face look more balanced when viewed from the profile.

What are the Steps for a Chin Implant?

In the surgical procedure for a chin implant, different materials, shapes and sizes of implants are used according to the chin structure. It is placed from inside the mouth or on the lower jawbone. Depending on the place where the implant will be inserted through, a small incision is made and the implant is fixed to the jawbone. After the incision is closed, the opening is sutured. All these processes take approximately 45-60 minutes.

The patient is discharged on the same day. It is not a heavy operation and does not cause restriction in movements. After the operation, numbness may be felt in the chin area and lips. This is normal and will disappear within a few days. A slight tingling and swelling may be seen in the chin. This will recover after a while. Taking painkillers is enough for you to continue your daily activities comfortably.

The patient who has a chin implant should avoid tilting his head too much for the first week after the surgery. Special care should be taken for the cleanliness of the sutures and you should gargle after each meal.