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Why do breasts grow larger than normal? Aesthetic Clinic Antalya, Turkey

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Why are my breasts bigger than usual?

Why are my breasts bigger than usual? Turkey Antalya

Although large breasts are the dream of many women, large breasts that are not suitable for their body structure, cause back and shoulder pain, and cause poor posture can be disturbing.

But why do breasts grow larger than normal? Breasts that are much larger than normal may be caused by the following conditions:

  • Drugs used,
  • Genetic factors,
  • Excessive weight gain,
  • Bad eating habits,
  • Excessive weight changes during pregnancy,
  • Hormonal changes due to unbalanced, unhealthy and fast nutrition.

What can I do to reduce the size of my breast?

If women who are uncomfortable with their breast size eat healthy, exercise regularly, and lose excess weight, their breast size will also change.

If individuals with larger than normal breasts are uncomfortable with this size and the cause of breast size is genetic predisposition and medications that should be used regularly, they can have breast reduction aesthetics by applying to Op. Dr. Bülent Demir, one of Antalya's successful plastic surgeons, after the necessary examinations.

What is cup in breast?

The size of the breast is specified in the unit of measurement "cup". The parts of bras marked A, B, C, D, E indicate breast size. Those who wear a bra labeled 85B have a rib cage circumference of 85 cm and a breast size of B Cup. The number here does not represent breast size, it refers to the measurement of the rib cage circumference.

There may be cup differences between countries and continents.

What are the degrees of breast size?

It is determined by breast and fat tissue weight;

  • Light: Excess weight is less than 300 grams.
  • Medium: Excess is between 300-800 grams.
  • Advanced degree: The excess is more than 800 grams.

By what criteria are breast size decided?

The criteria taken into consideration when deciding on breast size can be listed as follows:

  • The structure and characteristics of the patient's chest wall,
  • Measurements of the patient's breast base,
  • Thickness of breast tissue,
  • The position of the breast placed on the patient's chest wall,
  • Characteristics of asymmetric breast structure, if the patient has one.

Breast size is determined by making necessary measurements and evaluations.

Breast augmentation within scope patients who apply for often describe the breast size they want to achieve by specifying the bra size they want.

“I want my breasts to be 85, 90.” However, the patterns of bra brands may vary. Moreover, the size that changes in breast augmentation surgery is the cup size, not 85-90.

After surgery, breast sizes indicated by the letters A, B, C, D and E change. A is the smallest and E is the largest breast size. The measurement expressed by patients as 85 - 90 is the diameter of the rib cage. This size does not change after breast augmentation or breast reduction surgery.

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