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Will stretch marks go away with a tummy tuck? Aesthetic Clinic Antalya, Turkey

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Will stretch marks go away with a tummy tuck?

In tummy tuck surgery, loose skin that looks like a deflated balloon due to excessive weight gain and loss, sagging, and full of cracks is removed. With tummy tuck surgery, some of the stretch marks in the abdomen are removed from the body. After this surgery, a small amount of stretch marks may remain in the reshaped abdominal area.

Will stretch marks go away with a tummy tuck? Aesthetic Clinic Turkey Antalya

What methods are used for the treatment of skin cracks?

Sudden and excessive weight gain for various reasons and pregnancy may cause stretch marks on the body. To reduce the appearance of stretch marks on the abdomen, inner legs, waist and arms:

  • Special Creams,
  • Laser Treatments,
  • Mesotherapy and Plasma Energy Applications
  • Methods such as are used. These methods reduce the appearance of cracks by 80%.

Can abdominal stretch marks be treated with surgery?

In the minds of my patients who are considering abdominoplasty, I will have a flat stomach. Can abdominal stretch marks be removed by surgery? The question comes to life.

With the tummy tuck procedure, a large amount of the stretch tissue, especially the one below the navel, is removed. In other words, with abdominoplasty, the patient gets rid of most of the abdominal stretch marks. The surgical procedure is quite successful in removing abdominal stretch marks.

Why do cracks occur on the body?

Sudden weight gain causes the skin in the abdomen, waist, butt and inner legs to stretch. As weight gain continues, cracks like dried soil appear on the skin due to elasticity deformation in the skin. The pink, gray and purple lines seen are skin tears. Over time, these stretch marks become one tone lighter or darker than the individual's own skin color.

How to get rid of stretch marks caused by weight gain and loss?

After obese patients lose weight, excess skin full of shrinkage, sagging, and cracks that appear on their entire bodies must be surgically removed. Only in this way can the patient get rid of most of the cracks.

The appearance of skin stretch marks caused by weight gain and loss within normal limits can be greatly reduced with some treatments. Stretch mark treatment methods: Surgical procedures such as special creams, radiofrequency, PRP, dermatherapy, plasma energy, abdominoplasty, arm and thigh lift.

Can stretch marks go away after pregnancy?

Stretch marks caused by weight gain or pregnancy are treated in the same way. Functional lasers offer effective results. With the functional laser, your doctor peels the upper layer of the skin in a controlled manner. Stretch marks are treated by renewing the skin after laser without damaging the subcutaneous tissues. In this method, crack treatment is completed in approximately 3-4 sessions.

Stretch marks in pregnancy

Weight gained due to pregnancy can cause stretch marks on the abdomen, butt, waist area and inner legs. However, not every pregnant woman experiences stretch marks.

Why do stretch marks occur during pregnancy?

It is useful to know that not every pregnant woman experiences stretch marks. In order not to live with stretch marks that do not heal on their own after pregnancy, some points should be taken into consideration during pregnancy. It is necessary to prevent cracks before they form. The causes of stretch marks during pregnancy can be listed as follows:

  • hormonal changes,
  • Genetic predisposition,
  • Insufficient moisturizing of the skin,
  • Insufficient fluid intake,
  • Unhealthy and excessive nutrition,
  • Not doing sports
  • Sudden weight gain.

With regular healthy nutrition, ideal weight gain, moisturizing the skin externally, exercise, and consuming plenty of fluids, pregnancy can be completed without experiencing stretch marks.

Do abdominal stretch marks go away on their own?

Any crack that forms cannot heal on its own, and crack treatment is required.

What is good for Abdominal Stretch?

Once cracks occur, it is not possible to get rid of them with natural products. Although there is no proven research, natural products that are thought to be good for all stretch marks in the body and for abdominal stretch marks are: Aloe vera, potato, flaxseed, yoghurt, petroleum jelly, coconut oil, olive oil, argan oil…

Can stretch marks be removed with a thigh lift or arm lift?

Just like in tummy tuck surgery, loose and sagging skin is removed from the body in arm lift and thigh lift surgery. What causes this skin to become loose and saggy is the emptiness of the skin as a result of weight loss and the excess sagging of the cracked skin due to weight gain. Since excess skin full of stretch marks is removed during the surgery, most of the stretch marks are removed with a thigh lift or arm lift.